Hire clubs always welcome in the NHL

EDMONTON bad as the whole show was Trevor Gillies, it has again highlighted justice Hockey cultural romance limit as a reasonable response to violence on the ice.
It would be easy to Gillies, a bully with no talent for the New York Islanders, the penalty was served, but not necessarily for the explicit instructions when they struck the head of the Minnesota Wild forward Cal Clutterbuck debt in the glass and get a 10 -game suspension from the NHL Colin Campbell discipline last week.
It would be for the islanders fault management, in particular the General Manager Garth Snow, who simply uses Gillies, and he expressed his disappointment at the suspension, which he described as too harsh.
Gillies support Snow praised his executors, a good citizen, care to be great community, again and again.
Gillies is NHL this month, public enemy number 1, which facilitates exchange of a doubt Matt Cooke, who last month represented everything wrong with hockey.
It is easy to say that people want, hockey, shakes his head with concern seems sincere, there is no place in the leadership of the sport has as a cheap knock Clutterbuck Gillies or his attack on Eric Tangradi Penguins in Pittsburgh nine Gilles suspension won the Thu, February 11
Interestingly, there is always a bad guy does not find an intolerable act of ice in the starting blocks this month for crude oil was discarded, injured or suspended.
There is always a place in the lists on the next guy ready to take hockey to do the dirty work for the coaches and players.
How can that be?
Take the case of Mike Liambis.
He is the player who reached each member of the Erie Otters of the OHL, 16, Kitchener Rangers defender Ben Fanelli Final Table in a game in October 2009. Fanelli has suffered a fractured skull and orbital bone and took the ice on a stretcher.
Liambis was suspended for the rest of the season 2009-10, OHL commissioner David Branch.
Liambis had a trial with the NHL Maple Leafs once his suspension ended. This did not work.
Therefore, the International Hockey League went Liambis Bloomington Prairie Thunder, and soon was for five games with a shot that broke Jason Lawmaster Muskegon spleen suspension.
Liambis chair at the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds. During a regular season game in Vancouver on 25 February attacked the University of Alberta Golden Bears captain Eric Hunter proposes to him several times. Hunter was a concussion and facial surgery cuts in the attack suffered.
Liambis was for two games for all the good he did suspended. Then chose UBC, whose season was over to leave anyway.
Liambis quickly engaged with the Cincinnati Cyclones ECHL, a proud subsidiary of the Florida Panthers and the Nashville Predators NHL, the Press Club.
Content, Cincinnati head coach, Jarrod skald, also Liambis in Bloomington, where he trained collected an impressive 115 penalty minutes in 17 games. Oh, also had three assists.
Proud affiliate of the NHL, of course.
Liambis is certainly the hope of a test with another NHL team. And why not? Hes only 22nd
And his resume, far from being an obstacle to employment, appears to be a badge of honor in professional hockey. Part of the team, at some level, always ready to welcome him.
Someone is always looking for Gillies, a Cooke, Liambis, and so on.
There is no doubt that to show NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and Campbell, Senior Director of Hockey Operations, the responsibility for leadership in all areas of sport, including excessive force. If you have a much tougher penalties, not only the likes of Gillies, but his coach, GM and owner, if any, the league office would send a strong signal in the entire system, not just the NHL to send.


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