For the team of Clemson basketball, nothing is simple

TAMPA, Fla. Clemson coach the team to his hotel in Tampa in 0430 was on Wednesday about 30 hours before the end of noon today against No. 5 seed West Virginia in the second round of the NCAA tournament.As with most things in Clemson basketball, nothing is simple.
After the teams first NCAA Tournament victory since 1997 in Dayton, Ohio, Tuesday evening, the aircraft was delayed by letter, no fuel.
Players who did not have time to sleep, flying is still running on adrenalin for his first tournament victory. It was also the first victory of the NCAA Clemson coach Brad Brownell and had little time to enjoy it to review the expenditure on the flight to the tape of part of West Virginia (20-11).
In Eastern Region play at St. Pete Times Forum at 12:25 pm today, the Tigers (22-11) are suppressed a year ago against a Final Four team, from the short break the oppressed.

Brownell said. We have only 12 hours to prepare … Sick leave our defense is not quite as it should.

Although recent seasons is Star Desean Butler gone, believes Huggins this year’s West Virginia team is difficult, for up to four players averaging about 10 points per game, including the team of key people in the last year, the 6-foot-8 Kevin Jones prepared (13 , 1 PPG) and 6-foot-7 John Flowers (9.6 ppm). Unlike Clemson impressive victory against Alabama-Birmingham, on Tuesday, Clemson not be able to over-supply of West Virginia in the paint.
Many questions at the press conference on Wednesday whether the energy Clemson, West Virginia, the Great Eastern team will face sixth. Clemson before Jerai Grant, come from a professional performance of 22 points was not sure if he was asleep, on Wednesday morning.

Huggins believes that the factor can still be blown.

And that brings us to another point of view: Clemson may have an advantage for the nerves of your car wash on Tuesday came with a confidence to defeat UAB and North Carolina more hours?

Rested or not, Brownell says its just time to play yet.
Will it be ready,  said Brownell. We ride hard … but at this stage of the season, and in this environment, the ability to go had to play.


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