Alabama Football: 5 burning questions will be answered this spring

Nick Saban and his Alabama Crimson Tide squad opened spring practice Monday in preparation for the season 2011. The tides are hoping to improve their fourth place in the SEC West last year and blow you forgot 24 points on his rival and possibly lead BCS National Champion Auburn Tigers.  1) A player named  Bull  steal the starting position of the owner of the poll? It was reported that the security Barron said Mark police that a man called  El Toro , whom he met shortly before 17.00 clock Shotgun Willie’s in Mobile on Sunday morning stolen Chrysler 300 luxury. Who knows? Lightning can strike twice. Barron’s story seems a lot of bull to me.
2) Can Alabama win another game Assistance legendary Spring National Championships in 2011? Although no tickets sold for the match officials in Alabama always declare the game a sellout, although many fans of the flood come disguised as empty seats seems. And when the largest stadium in the country, the officials also say that the tide athletics because of the embezzlement of thousands of rules fire marshal to be sure of winning the mythical national championship game attendance of spring. After all, Bama wrote on the book, as claimed by the mythical national championships. worn 3) If the new statue of Nick Saban was announced, at the waist and Nick are apparently not so small, by standing next to the legend of the oil guidance of others? Maybe the price of Georgia recruit Isaiah Crowell size to see the statue when their size or whether the tide had again.Saban is Paul Fine tree or other  neutral  media sports personality Alabama coach selected teams in the game in the spring? Alabama fans love to complain, such as fine tree hate Alabama, but the tide was responsible for his team by the coach invited. Fine tree personality unbiased media? Right.  5) Nick Saban took the hit and run  as he wants? Of course I’m not talking about the art of pass coverage, but the technical setting Saban. Saban seems to be constantly stumbles innocently Barry Sanders Jr. and other top recruits during dead periods.
I hope at the end of spring practice, the tide will answer these questions in his quest for the first half of next year to return to the SEC West.


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