Fan reaction: Ochocinco tested in Kansas City sports a big mistake

Ochocinco Chad tried to join the football team Sporting de Kansas City. There is a wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals in the NFL and have no work experience to play for any team in Major League Soccer.
I’m not a fan of the Chicago Fire, Kansas City Sporting, but I shudder at the thought, with him in Kansas.
1) Ochocinco no experience playing in the MLS.
Ochocinco admits that was the last time I played football a few years ago, and left the sport to concentrate on football. Do not think he played any football since high school. Ochocinco mentioned that he stopped playing football after the tenth year.
He is now 33 and has never played for a team of Major League Soccer. Not with the skills to play in any MLS team even Sporting Kansas City.
2) Ochocinco is boring in search of the NFL.
I doubt his commitment to the Major League Soccer. Ochocinco not boring looking NFL and is probably on the Cincinnati Bengals, once it ends. He said:  The lockout means, I can do what I do.  Ochocinco could with this as a way to kill time.
3) During their set-up with Sporting Kansas City, which appeared in its place.
Their lack of technical capacity was evident in the tests. It can be a wide receiver, but that’s not enough for the Major League Soccer. He was  without breath  and looked out of shape. Ochocinco lack of practice and experience in handling the ball.
4) It is just a publicity stunt.
Ochocinco loves a celebrity and do not be surprised if Kansas City has used sport to attract attention. The NFL has always been popular in the American MLS, the Kansas City sports love the added protection of the media Ochocinco conducted studies. His presence has changed in 40 journalists have been translated for the first day of the samples.
5) In fact, it can damage the MLS.
Ochocinco may only try to alleviate boredom and keep your name in the headlines, but their actions could harm the MLS. His remarks that devalue  for free play  the game of his players. Let an NFL player with virtually no experience in the Major League Soccer, the league could damage.


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