Cavaliers defeat Bobcats can not end with the worst record in the NBA

JJ Hickson has promised to change over the weekend and delivered. Coach Byron Scott has promised a major effort in the rest of the season and the Cavaliers have given up.
This could be good or bad, depending on the perspective of the situation.
Cavaliers 99-89 victory over the Charlotte Bobcats Tuesday was the victory of the season 16, and assured that not end the worst season in the history of the Cavs. But basically, they pulled even with the Minnesota Timberwolves for the worst record in the league.
The Cavs are 16-61 with five games left, while playing the Timberwolves 17-61 with four. The difference is that the Cavs have won three of their last seven games, while the Timberwolves have lost 11 straight. Despite his poor season, there is a strong possibility that the Cavs do not finish with the worst record in the league. That’s fine with the players, whatever that means your draft lottery chances.

The Cavs could have pulled the plug on the slim playoff hopes the Bobcats the victory on Tuesday. The injury ravaged Bobcats now the path of the Indiana Pacers for 21 / 2 games of the playoff seed and the eighth-finals. It is necessary to keep in front of the Bobcats and Miami Heat Orlando Magic at your fingertips, and the Pacers on the link.
why the Cavs to play spoiler is not mandatory, is the delivery of the recovery period after suffering a winless streak in January and 26 games to start. He started a big advantage in the loss of the Charlotte Bobcats last week, mainly because of Boris Diaw, 26 points, assists 11 tonight.
Diaw and Kwame Brown graduated from JJ Hickson and Ryan Hollins in trouble and then blame it used. Before Tuesday’s game, Scott called in his two great men, and they responded with a monster night.
Hickson 16 points and 19 rebounds, one fewer than his career high, while Hollins had a season-high 16 points to 7 of 7 shooting.

Hollins play has been uneven at best this season but he turned in two of his best performances in the last week. His big night against the Bobcats after his monster night against the Miami Heat last week, when he immediately became the darling of fans for his game hard, rough, inspired the rest of his teammates.

For Hickson, was personal. Diaw great night was two nights later, facing the Washington Wizards Andray Blatch eyelashes are for 16 offensive rebounds on his way to career highs of 36 points and 19 rebounds.
Hickson promised after the game that never happens again. So far, he is a man of his word.

The Cavs finished the season next week against the Wizards at home.
The Cavs took the lead by 18 points after the first quarter, holding the Bobcats to shooting started two for night-11. But the Cavs do not score a basket in the second half to Alonso Gee Layup 61 / 2 minutes in the third quarter.
The Bobcats finally cut the deficit to 64-60 with 2:52 left, but when the heat was resumed last week in the quarter, the Cavaliers have not folded.
Ramon Sessions had 18 points off the bench and Alonzo Gee scored 13 points and the Cavaliers placed seven players in double figures.
These guys in a long time could have packed, but not yet done,  Scott said.  Even one of the referees congratulated me on how well and how to play these guys. Much of it has to come every day thinking that we want to work better, and I think it’s great.


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